Brief History

The Dapitan City Water District (DapCWD) was established by virtue of PD 198 and Resolution No. 87, passed by the Sangguniang Panlunsod of Dapitan on December 9, 1981 to provide safe, adequate and potable water at reasonable cost to the people of Dapitan.

Joint Resolution No. 1 was passed and approved by the Sangguniang Panlunsod and the newly-formed Board of Directors of the District during their joint session on January 11, 1982 to grant the request for a formal turn-over of the system from the defunct Zamboanga del Norte Metro Water District to the Dapitan City Water District of all its properties, equipment, facilities and all assets of the existing water system found within the territorial jurisdiction of the city. Said Resolution was acted and implemented on the 13th day of January, 1982. Then on February 4, 1982, the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) issued Certificate of Conformance (CCC) No. 184 in recognition of the full conformance with the standards of service to the public. The DapCWD started from a small water district category but because of management efforts, it was gradually re-categorized until it reached the medium category. In 2004, it was nominated as “Most Outstanding Water District in Mindanao” under the medium category. Historical statistics also show an increase in production, population served and personnel employed.


“To see a Dapitan with a sufficient supply of clear, reliable and potable drinking water distributed at reasonable rates, with a water system which is economically-viable, efficiently-managed, properly-maintained, employing sound methods for water conservation and to have a happy contented water consumers.”


“To continuously improve and strengthen the set-up which will redound to a viable operation of the water district and better service to the consumers.”

Service Pledge

“To serve every household in the city with a continuous supply of potable water, utilizing judicious means to secure more comfortable margin of financial stability, while working towards a very reliable waterworks operation and maintaining organizational efficiency. “

Functional Structure

Appoints the General Manager. Approves the annual budget, contracts, loans, organizational structure, compensation and benefits, acquisition of real property, water rates and charge and the policy-making body of the District.
The over-all in-charge of the management, operations and implementation of the programs and services. Responsible for the operation of the District and its long and short term plans. Recommends to the BOD the organizational structure and manpower requirement, compensation and benefits schedule, water rates and charges, acquisition of real property and construction contracts. Executes payment for approved projects and programs and conducts regular team management meetings for updating, resolution-making and sets target for the District.

  Formulates and implements human resource programs, policies and procedures in accordance with the Civil Service rules & regulations. Implements procedures on warehousing & maintenance of materials, supplies, vehicles & equipment in accordance with government rules and regulations, including procedures on procurement of adequate supply of materials, equipment & services. Formulates and implements policies related to security measures of building, ground and facilities.

Prepares financial reports based on approved annual budget and determines financial resources available to carry out the Water District’s programs. Implements procedures on cash management particularly on safekeeping, disbursement, and control of funds, collection of water bills and other income of the district. Receives and processes service applications and attends to customer complaints and requests. Enforces utility rules and regulations as to billings, delinquencies and adjustments. Maintains accurate and updated customer accounts.

Plans and designs expansions and improvements of mainline, water system and other pumping facilities. Undertakes repair and maintenance of pipelines, water pumps and water treatment equipments and facilities. In charge of the installation repairs of service connections. Determines water production requirements and ensures the steady supply of water. Monitors water system pressure, water level and quality in accordance with the standards set by the Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water and the World Health Organization. Initiates program for protection and development of water resources .Implements programs for extension, expansion & improvement of the water supply system.

Controls the day-to-day operations of water quality and administering, enforcing, and evaluating projects and processes, procedures, systems, and standards; developing and coordinating work plans. Participates in preconstruction meetings with contractors and engineers and makes recommendations related to water quality issues. Participates in the development and monitoring of the Division and/or program budget.

DapCWD Officials

Alemarlou B. Dagpin, J.D.

General Manager C

Ma. Concepcion G. Bayron

Division Manager C

Administrative & General Services Division

Criselda J. Rusiana

Division Manager C

Finance & Commercial Division

Engr. Rayle A. Andag

Division Manager C

Production & Water Quality Division

Engr. Joepatrick B. Dagpin

OIC-Division Manager C

Engineering & Construction Division